Steve Tandy

Steve Tandy is currently being hailed within the UK as the artist to watch of the moment, with his quirky and colourful paintings  growing a steady and loyal following due to his in-depth dexterity on being able to capture the almost human like qualities of the penguins he portrays in unusual surroundings.

Steve was born in Bury, North Manchester in 1973 with his artistic finesse being highly visible to his family and peers from an early age. Although he briefly studied art at Bury College, he is essentially a self-taught artist honing in and mastering his skills over the years through trial and error until he developed his own individual and captivating style. He draws his influences from some of the greats such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, David Shepherd and J.M.H Turner.

Although art was always his first love he didn’t, at first see it as a plausible career and after leaving college he ventured into a career in the insurance industry, spending his weekends and spare time honing in on his artistic skills and further progressing his creativity. He began to accept private portrait and landscape artwork commissions before being scouted by a high profile gallery who were interested in showcasing his original and limited edition artwork.

Steve Tandy has just recently been able to turn his focus solely onto his art with his most recent artwork capturing wildlife in unusual environments, his canny knack for being able to grasp the fun and playful conceptualisation of wildlife experiencing the human world through their eyes has quickly seen Steve’s work soar in popularity.

 Steve Tandy’s limited edition and original artwork is now exhibited throughout some of the many prestigious galleries throughout the UK and Australia. It’s only a matter time before Steve Tandy’s work is recognised globally for his unique skill and craftsmanship.